Affirming Thoughts to Inspire and Encourage
By William Kuntz
I am a child of God - created in His image.
God loves me more than I can ever imagine.
No problem in my life is too big for me to solve, with God's help.
Each new day offers fresh opportunities for growth and success.
I believe in myself and in my God given abilities - no matter what others may think.
I don't have to please others - I can set my own standards.
I don't have to be perfect - I'm okay just the way I am.
If I live my life to please God, I can be happy with my efforts.
Whatever I achieve, it matters more that I did my best.
My value as a person is much greater than the sum of my accomplishments.
The gifts God has given me are meant to be shared.
Darkness is afraid of the light; when I allow God to fill me with His light there is no room for darkness.
God is always near - watching over me - even when I feel alone.
In all the world there is only one me; I am unique and no one else can take my place in God's grand plan.
If I admit that I have done wrong and ask Jesus Christ to forgive me - believing He died for my sins, He will forgive me - no matter what I have done or failed to do.