Professional Services
Individual Psychotherapy
One hour - $125
Half hour - $62.50
One and one-half hours - $187.50
Private consultation with a licensed psychologist. The initial session will focus on: 1) assessing your presenting problems, 2) exploring appropriate treatment options, 3) determining whether a referral to another professional is appropriate, 4) establishing goals for therapy, and 5) discussing length of treatment and frequency of sessions.
Subsequent sessions will be goal-directed and solution-focused with the objective of helping you reach your goals quickly and maintain the progress you have made after treatment is completed.
Your insurance may cover all or part of your fee. We will assist you in filling claims and obtaining reimbursement.
William Kuntz is an approved provider for Anthem / Blue Cross - Blue Shield, ComPsych, and several EAP's (Employee Assistance Programs). He is also an out-of-network provider for many other insurance companies.

Marital Therapy or Couples Counseling
$125/hour ($62.50 for half hour, $187.50 for one and a half hours)
Conjoint and individual sessions provided by licensed psychologist. The initial assessment usually includes both partners. Subsequent sessions may be conjoint (both partners) or subdivided into individual sessions as deemed appropriate.
Depending on your insurance coverage marital therapy may not be covered by your policy. If treatment focuses on psychological dysfunction of one partner most insurance companies will provide payment.

Family Psychotherapy
$125/hour ($62.50 for half hour, $187.50 for one and a half hours)
Family sessions provided by a licensed psychologist. Focus of treatment usually involves parenting or communication issues. A systems approach is usually utilized although individual sessions with one or more family member may be beneficial. The entire family is often encouraged to participate, but this is not always desirable or possible.
Family therapy is typically covered at the same rate as individual psychotherapy by insurance. Check your plan to be sure since a few companies exclude or limit coverage for family sessions.

Psychological Testing
Cost varies - typically $200 - $1200, depending on time required
Psychological testing performed by licensed psychologist. Personality inventories, relationship questionnaires, intelligence tests and other assessment instruments are available. Objective and projective tests are typically combined for a more thorough evaluation.
Formal psychological reports with recommendations can be prepared for courts or other agencies. If you are mainly interested in testing to provide direction for therapy or to gain personal insight, a formal report may not be necessary and the cost would be less.